2020 call

Attachment B: Tarot Cards

The Tarot Cards will be in the program of April 2.

Each artwork that participates in the 1st of April Competition turn into a story that is depicted on a Tarot card.*

A story, through which the card tells us its ambiguous prophesies.

Under the current conditions of stable uncertainty, Tarot card predictions are one of the more precise methods of predicting the future.

As a method it does not aspire to anything serious, but at the same time it means being in two states at once: jokingly distrustful, and at the same time hesitantly accepting the possibility that the cards do not lie.

The more so, given that we all are the authors of these cards. Everything is not as it seems, and consequently predicting with Tarot cards means unfolding the stories of those whose fate is being predicted, and those doing the predicting, and ideally also the stories into which we fall when we prepare what is depicted on the cards.

*This is why we ask the participants to provide a very general sketch — a pictogram — of the participating artworks.